Cognitive & Social Analytics (CSA) Lab

@IIT Jodhpur

What we do?

The CSA Lab at IIT Jodhpur deals with studies on human behavior from a number of perspectives to understand what it is to be ‘intelligent’ and how individual action-ensembles lead to collective behavior.  

Currently the lab comprises of the following two groups:

Cognitive Analytics Group (headed by Romi Banerjee) - where we draw inspiration from the origin, evolution and development of fundamental cognitive abilities (e.g. language acquisition, aesthetic-sense, number-sense, time-space continuum, spontaneous thought & imagination, contemplation) across all living species, towards the design an embodied, social (~empathetic) “thinking machine”. 

SoNAA: Social Network Analysis and Application Group (headed by Suman Kundu) - where we focus on building applications using social networks and collective behaviors, apart from solving fundamental questions on network analysis and mining. We work with data on relationships and relationships within data. The applications currently under consideration are to build support systems for decision making, accountability, control and behaviour, for governance.

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